Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have Mitten success!!

This is much better, this one will fit! and the pattern is so much straighter as well! Still need to go get ribbon to put in though...

I am already half way through it's partner, I think I almost have the pattern memorised now!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Nursery is starting to look like a nursery!!

We have finally got our cot all set up in the baby's room, the boys did a good job of getting it all together despite my instructions! The base is currently set to the high position for when beanie is little, and when they are more mobile (or just before...) we will adjust is down to the lower position, which sits just above the drawer underneath. The kitty also tried to "help" and thought the draw was fantastic... hence the captive kitty pictures!

I have also succeeded in making a mitten... the only problem is that it has come out far to big! So now I'm doing a new pair in different wool, and just counting the other as practice! I haven't put the ribbon through the holes yet, but maybe it could become a marble bag or something! :-D

Still haven't quite sorted everything out to show everything we have, been a bit busy! But on my list of things to do this week, I promise!
Big hugs from us!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Rae's little achievement!

I knitted my very first pair of Booties! I have never knitted anything more than scarves and one beanie, so this is HUGE for me! And has kept me very occupied! I am now attempting mittens that have a little bit of pattern as well, so a whole new challenge!

I'm having fun... :-)

Friday, June 8, 2007

25 week belly :-)

There it is! Will try and get a better one with my head if i can get Duane to stand still long enough to take one!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kung-Fu baby!

Sorry it's been a while between posts, but we are getting much closer to the more interesting part, of Beanie actually making an appearance! So hopefully there will be posts more often!

Well Beanie is getting stronger, and practicing Kung-fu kicks on a regular basis. :) Bubs is particularly fond of kicking the brace that I now have to wear full-time, due to SPD (basically constant hip and pelvic pain) which I have had since 19 weeks, so am now having regular physio and am not allowed to walk, bend or move to much. So everyone is getting very good at helping out, which is very nice.
We are getting baby and Nursery things together quite well now, above are the pictures of the stroller and capsule meantioned last time, and also how you can just snap the capsule in the stroller if you want to as well (which means bubs is facing you,and don't have to wake them if they are sleeping!).

We are also feeling very blessed and spoilt by the lovely baby boxes (have one, and know another is being filled!) arriving from Kim all the way from Port Macquarie! And we were also just able to get the cot we loved most, thanks to Kim too! We are picking it up this weekend hopefully, so will have photos very soon of it actually set up in the nursery, but here it is. It also converts to a toddler bed and a sofa.

Over the next few days we plan to make a bit of a list of what we have for those who want to know, so keep checking back! We have also made it so that anyone can post comments, so comment away!

Lots of the love,

Duane and Rae

The Most Popular Seat in the House...

This is one of our eBay bargins, our Relax Glider andOtoman. When the pregnant lady isn't sitting in it, there is a bit of a race to see who gets it, as it's currently in the lounge room in Prime TV viewing position! :)