Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some Random pics

At the playschool concert

The playschool concert!

Guess who gave us this one?! :D

Getting ready for swimming!

Simon and Rachel's Wedding!

Uncle Nathan and Xavier

Mr & Mrs Green cutting the cake.

The happy couple!
With Nanny Kim and Poppy Rod, but getting toward the tired part of the evening (and we only got back from NZ the night before!)
The Green Clan
The Gorgeous Cake
Still playing with Uncle Nathan!
Nathan and Emily, Nanny Kim, and James and Danielle

Nathan and Emily at the reception
More playing with Uncle Nathan!
The new Mrs Rachel Green

Mr and Mrs Green, Congrats!

New Zealand Adventures!

We had such a wonderful time in New Zealand recently. We spent almost two weeks there, saw lots of sights, hang out with wonderful friends, and were very sad for the holiday to be over! In fact we are trying very hard NOT to look at all the cheap flights to NZ, we would love to see even more of it!

As with Xavier's Party, we have hundreds of photos, and I have loaded a lot onto facebook.

CLICK HERE to see our Rotorua and Taupo pictures (includes bungy jump and Zorbing)

CLICK HERE to see the video of Duane Bungy Jumping

CLICK HERE to see our Auckland Adventures

CLICK HERE to see our Whangarei and other adventures

CLICK HERE to see our photos with the wonderful Smith Family and friends

Xavier's First Birthday Party!!

We had Xavier's party a little late, so that all the family could come. It was SO wonderful having the grandparents and so many friends visit, thank you all so much! We all had a wonderful time, thanks so much for celebrating Xavier's first year of life with us!

As we have so many photos, I have added them to facebook this time (it's much easier for me to add large amounts onto facebook).

Just Click HERE to see them all. If you are a friend of mine (just look up Rae Green and add me) you can see them all by going to my profile page. Please let me know if the link works, this is the first time I've tried it like this!