Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We would like to introduce...

Peanut is finally together, after having all his pieces knitted - then left lying around our lounge room...
We are glad to report that Sora and Peanut are good friends, and there has been no stuffing leaks from their "playing", so that's good. And as he has no buttons or joints, we are hoping Beanie and Peanut get along great as well!
For the record, the name Peanut came from looking very peanut shaped for a few days while his arms and legs where being stuffed, and it has just stuck!
And this picture is just for the fun of it, this is the roof of our BLACK car this morning, pretty isn't it! Makes things hard for Duane in the mornings though, he always has to allow time to unfreeze the windows!
In other news...
Duane had a wonderful birthday last Wednesday (apart from having to work and then have a meeting, so his day was rather full!), and we have been busy playing his new board game . We still haven't had his birthday dinner though, as he came down with the flu the following morning, and still hasn't recovered, so it has been postponed until he can taste things again! In the meantime, Andrew has also come down sick, Rae is just getting it now, and even Sora has been sneezing etc! Hopefully it'll all ease soon!
We have also been blessed with many visitors over the last week, so life has been very busy, but it is great catching up with people!
And we are off to Sydney for Danielle and James' Engagement party this weekend, so this is sure to be new photos soon! (It's about time Duane was actually IN some photos... so lets make that an aim!)
love and hugs,
Duane and Rae

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beanie has been doing some serious growing!

Well it may be cos Beanie hit my ribs and now has to go out, or it may be a huge growth spurt, but the belly seems to be getting bigger everyday! It's a good thing though, got a lot of growing to do, and it's the final triemster, so go for it Beanie!!!

Well we have started a bit of a stocktake, having a look through all our baby stuff (most of it we haven't bought, we have been given so much!) So these pictures are just the 0000's that we have, and there is a similar amount of 000's! So we are all set for the first little while after bubs is born! We have also put up a pic of our new baby bath, and on the wall behind you can hopefully see the showerhead atachment that is part of the bath, so we don't even have to worry about filling and lifting the bath, and then it has a plug and hose to empty too! Rae is particularily happy with this set up, no bending required!! WOOHOOO! :-)

And we have comments, YAY!!! Thank you!!
Nathan and Emily, don't meantion the names thing... we haven't thought about it in months!!! And we know we need to get a move on, so we'll get back to you... *grin*

Love and Hugs,
Duane, Rae & Beanie