Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Just a few little snaps from today, plus check out facebook for the video of Xavier's first meeting with Eeyore.

Playing with Eeyore
New friends
Giving Eeyore a kiss
mmm... whats this?
What do you mean I'm not meant to like brocolli?!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Elizabeth's 21st Birthday Party!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with Liz and her family and friends, though it was a very late nigt for a certain Little Man who didn't want to sleep, in case he missed out on anything! Xavier giving Aunty liz lots of cuddles. He got heaps of cuddles actually, everyone wanted a hug!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visiting Aunty Kel

We are in Sydney at the moment for Liz's 21st birthday party, and have had a great time visiting Aunty Kel. Here is Xavier last night before heading out to the party, complete with his mask, as it was a masquerade and there was no one allowed in without a mask! Isn't he cute!
Watch out for more photos to come from the party! :D
Playing with Aunty Kel!

Rarrr! The X Man strikes again!

Crawling.... eeek!!!

Have we meantioned Xavier is crawling? He started two weeks ago (7 1/2months), and he does a mix of rolling, crawling and general wiggling, but it gets the job done and has made him very mobile all of a sudden! He also love "walking" if you hold onto his hands, and standing up against the furniture is another big hit. There will be more video to come, but those of you who are not on facebook, join up and add me (Rae) as a friend, as I have found that is the easiest way to load videos.

and he's off...

Oops, a stargate fan in the making! I didn't know he would get so far so quick, one minute he is at the othe side of the lounge room, and then he is under the coffee table! Clever boy...

We think he and the kitty have been playing together too much, they both love being in bags!