Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Photos...

Hello Everyone!
We thought we would update you with some recent pictures of us, from Sal and Ben's wedding on the weekend. Most of you will remember Sal as the tallest Bridesmaid from our wedding a few years back, so it was a very special and exciting day for us to see her so happy!

On the baby front, there is finally a belly to be seen! Duane is finding it very funny and rubbing whenever he can, to the rest of the world Rae doesn't look all that pregnant still, so the comments and rubbings haven't started at all yet! :)

We have our next scan booked in for 20/21 weeks, it's going to be exciting to find out how big the baby has gotten! And that will also mean we will be over the halfway mark!

We hope you are all safe and well, drop us a line whenever you like!

with Love from,
The Greens