Monday, December 24, 2007

Only one more sleep til Xavier's first Christmas!

Hannah and Xavier

Twinkle twinkle

Mummy's Little Racing Man

Uncle Daniel shows off how tall he is!

Laura and Shane are Married!! :D

We are exhausted, but it has been so lovely to have been able to go to all these lovely weddings! The 15th saw Laura and Shane exchange their vows in Wollongong, and it was just BEAUTIFUL!! We are so excited for you both! Being a morning wedding and lunch reception made it very easy for us, and the several other families with young babies, so it was a very relaxing day with friends, YAY! It was lovely being in our old neighbourhood, see dear friends, and we hope to visit you all again soon!

Xavier thinks we are all very funny, and we thought it was also pretty funny how much he enjoyed sitting up in the washing basket... why? I don't know...

Daddy and Xavier have cuddles while we wait for the bride (yes, you heard it, we were EARLY!! Wow!)


The Happy married couple!

The Beautiful Bride Laura

Rae, Xavier and Elf

The view of North Wollongong Beach, from our table at the reception. This is the beach were we got married, isn't it gorgeous!

Carolyn and Rae

Time to go home :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sydney weekend away - Again!

We had a fantastic weekend away again last weekend, and we got to witness the beautiful Laura get married to a wonderful fella named Peter. It was a lovely day, and we had a brilliant time watching the radient bride and groom, and getting to catch up with many friends that we haven't seen for a while. Xavier was an angel, and was very well behaved dispite the heat and brightness, and still slept happily that night, so fun was had by all! He had a wonderful time getting hugs and dancing with all the pretty ladies too... hehehe

We also got to Sydney in time to catch up with Xavier's Great Nan and Pop, and aunts and uncles, which was just WONDERFUL!! YAY! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big and Strong!

Xavier had his community nurse visit check-up last monday, and we are proud to say his is still spot on 50% for weight, length and Head circumference! So on Monday, at 10 weeks he was:


58.5cms long

40cm hc

The nurse thinks he is absolutely wonderful and we don't need to do anything different. YAY!

He also survived his 2 months immunizations the week before, he basically slept through... good little man...!

And we are off to Sydney again today for Laura's Wedding, so will try and take more photos for all to enjoy!

Also a big congrats to Simon and Rachel on your engagement, it was lovely turning up for your party on sunday, and we look forward to coming to your next engagement party soon! *grin*

Election day...

Was great fun cos we got to meet up with Donna and Reece for a lovely lunch! It was wonderful to finally meet Reece, and it is always wonderful to meet up with Donna! YAY! Group Hug!
first "big boy" bath at Kellies :D
Hugs for Donna!
And Hugs for Monkey, Xavier's new friend curtesy of Donna and Reece - he love him lots and he makes a great rattle sound too!