Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paul and Bethany's Wedding 28th June 2008

We had a wonderful weekend away to wollongong and Nowra recently for the wedding of Paul and Bethany. We got to catch up with many friends, and we even went to the reception without a little man, what an amazing event! hehe

Friday, June 20, 2008

Daddy and Bubby!

Off adventuring!
Showing off his new "puddlewear" feeding top... so he can be as messy as he likes but Mum's washing is a little easier.

New Toy!!!!!!

Our Little Man has been a little disgruntled with his selection of toys lately, so in the spirit of 'new and different' we bought him a new, more "grown up" toy today, and he is enraptured! Video going onto facebook as we speak, but here are the pics!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Weekend Fireworks

We'll add video (LOTS of video!) to facebook, just give me a bit of time... :D Cuddle with Aunty Kel, I think Xavier was the warmest of us all!
This was actually about halfway through I think! And this was only Saturdays lot... we had even more on Sunday!
Men and Fire... oh dear...
Don't worry Mum, besides the mint bush getting slightly singed, there was no damage to anything or anyone!

Mr Cool

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

9 months old!

He has been out for as long as he was in! Can you believe it! He is just growing up so fast! Speaking of fast, he is moving fast as well, still with a mix of crawling and rolling, so if i leave the room, he just follows ( and gets very vocal in the process!). His favourite food is Yogurt, followed by socks. He just loves eating socks... no seriously, he loves his food now, still eats a lot of finger foods, but is actually happy to eat from a spoon now as well, so long as he has a spoon too and is allowed to help!
He enjoys going outside, playing with his friends from church and mothers group, and is definitely transforming into a little boy rather than a stationary little baby. He also LOVES pulling himself up to stand, and "walking" along if you hold his hands. He also now has 6 teeth. the two on th bottom are huge now, and all four along the top have been finally cracked through after some awful teething times.
We also have a lot of videos, which i'll load to facebook this evening, so keep an eye out! Mummy and Xavier
Furniture Surfing
Eating the hand that holds you up... not such a great idea I'm sure!
Vaccuuming... he got packed up with all his toys, and it was great fun!Watching Daddy intently as he vacuums
Smiles to Uncle Andrew off screen