Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bathtime fun

We had a lovely weekend of visitors over the long weekend, Xavier had so many doting Aunties, he had a blast! We kind of forgot to take many photos though, except for bathtime, so here they are. :D

Mummy and Bubby

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jolly Jumper

Yay, I like this!
On guard ye kitties!
I'm gunna sneak up on Mummy...
Tasty goodness in stick form
Faster than a speeding bullet!

This is a bit of a favourite at the moment, ever since he had his first jump he has been hooked! These photos are from his very first time in the jolly jumper. He had a ball! Sora the Kitty was a little freaked out by it though... just made it all the more hilarious for us to watch!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

7 months old today!

Can you believe how fast he is growing up! WOW!

This is one of his favourite pastime's at the moment, he just LOVES standing!

Toothy-pegs are a showing

They came a few weeks ago, actually i think it was the day after he turned 6 months (i should really write these things down... oops...), But my point is, we finally have a shot where you can see his teeth! I hope. Tell me if you can't and I'll try again. Now that i have finally got this shot, we are expecting the top ones through any day... so then I'll need a new shot!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Food.... hmmmm....

We waited until 6 months before giving Xavier any solids, and are now trying hard to make them a part of his daily routine, much to his disgust!

So these are the very latest photos of our little man, taken over the last two days. We give him a sippy cup for the first time yesterday, and he straight away took it with two hands and stuck the mouthpiece in is mouth. He loves it! can't take it away from him now... hehe!

With food though, he is on a all-out strike on anything pureed or sloppy. After battling with it for three weeks, we started trying the BLW idea of giving him real food in pieces that he can hold himself and eat, and he has instantly started eating a little. So here is a pic of his first piece of avocado (big hit!), he also likes watermelon, LOVES pears, and a few other things. Now i have to find creative ways of giving him food he can hold though! fun fun times to be had! :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our cute Munchkin

Sora likes getting any attention that Xavier gets... so laps are a sort after spot to be! This is Xavier and Sora relaxing with Cheryl and Keith when they came to visit Elizabeth a few weekends ago. It was lovely to have you visit! Come back any time you like!

Xavier loves going flying with daddy!
And Daddy loves playing with Xavier...
He went through a bit of a tongue sticking out stage... I think it was while he was teething few weeks back? Anyway, since he has got his two bottom teeth he isn't sticking his tongue out as much... could be just because they are sharp!