Friday, November 30, 2007

Rachel and Seamus' Wedding 23rd November

We had a wonderful weekend in Sydney last weekend to see Rachel and Seamus get Married! CONGRATULATIONS!!
Xavier was very excited to meet many friends that we had not seen since being a family of two... and he was very good both travelling and at the wedding, though he did get a bit overtired and cranky near the end, so we left a little early (sorry for sneaking out guys!). It ws alright though, I think Dad was a little overtired too... hehehe. It was a long trip!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giggles and ga's!

Xavier is getting so big, we can't believe how long he has got all of a sudden! It's amazing, he has gotten so big we are thinking it won't be long until we need to set the cot up and make the big move to the nursery, scary! That being said, he seems to be getting ready for it, cos he is now frequently sleeping from 10/11ish, until 7am, a trend we hope to see continue! He is so kind to us!
Tomorrow will see a new milestone for us, as we go away for the first time with our gorgeous boy, we are heading to Sydney for a wedding and weekend of catching up with people, so keep us in your prayers that Xavier is good, and that I (Rae) manage all the sitting and getting around! We are very excited though! And we will make sure to take lots of photos!
Lots of love, the Green Family xxxx chatting away to mummy
best of friends
he is starting to grab at things now that he has figured out his hands, so a whole new world of toys is here!
my boys... exhausted...
Xavier thinks mummy is very funny!
summer boy, nappy and singlet weather!
This was yesterday morning, kitty came and lay down with Xavier and I while he was feeding, it was so cute!

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's getting warm again!

Brand new photos from today!
We have all been a little sick so less photos have been taken, but we promise more! cos we keep getting bugged for them! *grin*
Love you all!
he loves smiling at mummy and daddy...
but he isn't as fussed about looking at the camera!
he likes to style his hair like daddy too
warm weather = no sleeves!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our first Proffessional Family Portrait!

ta-da! It's our little Green Family! We had a great time having photos done recently, we are still waiting for our prints to arrive, but this is our family portrait which they uploaded to the internet for us, YAY!
Isn't he just adorable... *grin*

Friday, November 2, 2007

We love family!

Some newer photos for all to enjoy!
Sleeping happily with cousin Danielle
Xavier's first "playdate", surrounded by the ladies! Ninka, Xavier and Setia were very good little bubbies so that their mummies could have a lovely catch-up!
too cute!!

I love holding my head up... :D

I think they mixed up who was ment to be sleeping...

Hugs for Uncle Nathan!

Mummy and Xavier needed a nap...

Playing with Aunty Emily!