Friday, September 28, 2007

We are HOME!!!

Just a short post to let you know we are home!

Just arrived back this arvo, Xavier loved the car trip and has settled into his bassinet beautifully, and Mummy needs some rest, so here is some pics to coo over, and there should be more updates tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Recovery Begins

HI Everybody,

Duane here to give you, the viewers, an update on my expanding family :)

Xavier is 100%. He's heading back to birth weight, feeding strong and sleeping soundly.

Rae is still in hospital and still recovering. She is very much improving though and will be out sometime this week. First day post baby she felt fine when she was on her side in bed, but needed assistance to turn. Now she can do a lot more by herself. We have been talking to the occupational therapist and the physio about how to help in her recovery. She has been on bed rest for a few months to avoid damaging her pelvis and to minimise the pain too. So she has to build up her muscles again. Meanwhile her hormones are changing, so her ligaments are contracting, pulling her hips back into the ridged structure they used to be. Overall this is going to take a few months. Our immediate goal, while I still have holidays and Rae's parents are still around, is to get Rae independantly mobile. Which she is achiving with the aid of a walker frame.

I am very proud of the progress she is making and I'm supporting her every step in her recovery. I adore Rae and our new son very much. I want Rae to be able to be the mother that she wants to be. That's my goal for her in the next few months.

I'm really glad that Rod and Mum got to visit us. I was very happy for their comfort and support. They love Xavier and think he is a beautiful little boy :) I'm really looking forward to my brother (Xavier's Uncle) visiting. I hope to see him soon.

I've loved all the well wishes and gifts from my family too. Thanks so much for your calls, SMS's, cards and love you have given Rae, Xavier and myself. I look forward to seeing you all aswell some time in the future.

Anyway nuff aboot me and more aboot the photos....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome Green Bennie to the big wide world

Rae & Duane are proud to introduce their beautiful baby boy...

Xavier Michael Green

Delivered by C\S @ 8:10am Monday the 17th of September

Weight 3.35kg (7.6lb)

Length 48cm

Head Circ. 34cm

w/ Light Brown/Red Hair

Mum is recovering nicely.

Baby Xavier is beautiful and very loved. Also he is drinking and pooping like a champ :)

Mum and Dad couldn't be more proud
First Family Photo. We love you baby :)

Xavier, what are you thinking about?

Our Little Man

Rae with hugs for bubs

Dad loves bathing his Son :)