Friday, May 11, 2007

We are over halfway!!

{ pic at 20w 4d}

We are happy to say we are over halfway, and have a perfectly growing baby! We had our Morphology scan on Monday, Beanie is measuring exactly for dates, and the placenta is anterior (at the front), which is a huge relief! We were wondering why we were feeling no kicks, it's because Beanie has their own kicking and punching bag! And for those curious ones... no we don't know the gender, we are leaving it as a surprise! This is good though, we feel we may avoid some shopping sprees this way!

We have also had a very busy weekend, with Rae's Mum coming to visit from Perth for few days, so that has been lovely! We are also feeling a little (OK, a lot!) spoilt, as we now have a brand new capsule and stroller waiting for Beanie's arrival. Thank you so much!!!

The other excitement to be had in our house at the moment is the arrival of the newest family member: Sorcha (Sora - depends on who is spelling!) the kitty! She is very playful and very cuddly, and has 4 doting servants, so is very much the little princess already. And don't worry, Rae is going nowhere near the kitty litter, and the nursery is off limits, so we are being good!

We hope everyone is well and safe, and we will update again soon!
The Greens