Monday, August 27, 2007

The Green Family Photo

It has been a little while since we have had a photo together, so in honour of Neil's 50th Birthday today, we wondered out to the backyard (no one has been out there in a while, so quite an adventure) to take a photo to send to Perth, enjoy!

Have a fantastic birthday Dad!!

Love and Hugs from across the continent!
Duane, Rae, Beanie and Andrew too!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Duane's Rock Climbing Adventure!

Duane had a fantastic time away last weekend in the Blue mountain on his rock climbing adventure. He climbed with instructors from the Australian School of mountaineering in Katomba. He learnt a lot about safety and technique. He said that Katomba was great place with good eateries. Unfortunately it was raining to much on the Sunday to climb again, but as compensation he is getting another whole weekend to be taken whenever he wants between now and next August! So hopefully I (Rae) might be able to go next time too! We will just need a babysitter... but it's a fair way off for now!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our Baby Party!

We had an awesome afternoon a couple of weeks ago, when we had the great pleasure having some lovely friends over for a little baby party! Many people we had not seen in a while took the drive to Canberra, and it meant so much to us! Some of the girls organized a couple of games, including a "guess the content of the nappy" game, which luckily was all forms of chocolate, but they were still warm from the microwave, and that in itself was more than a little off putting to most people!
We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who traveled up to see us, it meant a lot to us! And we hope to see many of you again soon, cos I'm sure baby cuddles are worth a little drive to Canberra? :-)
Thank you too for all the wonderful presents and beautiful cards, it is wonderful to know that our baby will have so many loving wonderful people around them!
Big Hugs to all,
Duane and Rae

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nursery is mostly ready, now we just need a baby!

The nursery has been a work in progress for a little while now, but we think we are now mostly done! Since Duane only ever has Sundays off, it's been going in bits and pieces, but we are feeling so blessed with all the lovely gifts and particularly all the wonderful bibs, burpers, wraps, quilts and nursery items that Kim has been busy making!

Here are just some of the items, The Lemon and white nappy stacker and matching change table organiser also has a matching mosquito net and cot quilt! This is our ebay bargain change table as well, only $15 and it is even the same colour wood as our lovely cot!

The nappies have all been pre-washed several times, and are stacked ready to go. Duane still wants another nappy changing demo lesson, but other than that we are all set! They are much easier than traditional terry squares, so he is feeling pretty confident. :-)

The teddy chain has a special corner hook, and there is sure to be some more soft toys and teddies added to it soon.

The bassinet is going to be in our room for the first little while, as the nursery is a bit of a distance away, and is shown here with one of the beautiful cross stitches that Kellie has been making for us.

And here is the little (but getting bigger so quickly!) kitty who would LOVE to claim the nursery as her own... hmmm...
She is particularly fond of the change table, but I'm sure once she has the smells associated with it as well, she will not be as keen! She is very well behaved around our friends little baby, so we are hoping she will cope quite well to the new arrival!
All the small sized clothes and bassinet linen are washed and put away ready for a little one, and as Duane is taking a full month of leave, he should have a few days in which he can get the capsule installed in the car, and other such last minute jobs.
So we are very excited that it is only a matter of weeks until we will have our very own Green Baby!
We hope you are all well, please feel free to leave us messages in the comments section, and there should be quite a few new photos soon! Just waiting to get them off the camera and onto something that Rae can use on the laptop, so that posts can come much more often!
Duane and Rae xox

YAY! A picture of Duane!

Just thought we should prove Duane is still around and as handsome as ever... *grin*
This is Duane and Rosa, taken just before Danielle and James's Engagement Party in July. Unfortunately our camera batteries died and we didn't get many photos... But we did have a wonderful time! It was also the very last time Rae left the house without being completely confined to the wheelchair, and so we very feel glad that we were able to go and spend such a lovely time with everyone!