Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Month old today!

Our Little X man is 1 month old today! He even got some 'happy 1 month birthday' wishes! hehehe

We went out to the mall today, and he had so many admirers, everyone just wanted to tell us how gorgeous he is! (We agree whole heartedly of course!) So here follows several posts to prove it!

Love to you all!

Daddy loves coming home and playing with his bubby boy.
Xavier has a chat to Mum
King of the castle and ruler of the most popular chair in the house!
Where shall we go today?
Exhasted after a big day out today!

Some photos from the last week

Tummy Time!
Who me?
Nappy change time is very peaceful around here... and just look at that round little belly... :D
Fast sleep with mum... must be something in the milk...
My what a big mouth you have!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

Xavier Explores the world!

We have survived the outdoors!

Xavier has managed two outings now, last week we went into Civic for a short lunch and shopping trip, and then on friday we went out to Floriade with Grandad and Jen-ma (Grandma Jennie), which was very nice. It was a beautiful day, and Xavier was very good, I think he slept the whole time we were there...

So here are some beautiful flowers to enjoy!

He is getting bigger already!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry we haven't updated in a little while, we have been too busy to get on the computer most of the time! We are enjoying all the visitors, and Xavier enjoys all the hugs! :D
Our Little Man is getting a little bigger everyday now, he is starting to fit into a fair bit of his 0000's, though there is a bit of a range so some are still far too big. He is also becoming more alert and devoting a good deal of time each day to investigating the faces around him. He is still being a delight for us, and wakes once for a feed at night, so we feel very blessed. Especially as Duane has gone back to work now, so he needs his rest!
We hope everyone is well,
Duane, Rae and Xavier
Uncle Daniel with Xavier
Grandad has been great at settling Xavier
Everyday brings a little more personality!
Rae, Xavier and Anthea Brumerskyj
Our big 3 week old boy!